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Recent Projects

Take a look at some of the great opportunities we’ve had to showcase our great flooring!
Residential and Commercial – Solid and Engineered – Many Species!

Rift & Quartered Hickory

This home is in Edmond, OK, shown is ¾” X 5” Rift & Quartered Character Grade Hickory, 2’ to 10’ lengths. Never seen R&Q Hickory? It’s something that is never “on the shelf”. This floor was custom made for this home, a unique finish on a beautiful living space.

American Cypress

Have you seen the haunting scenes of Spanish moss waving in the breeze on majestic cypress trees? Take a look at the rustic beauty of this ¾” X 6” #2 Common and better Grade American Cypress floor, 8’ to 10’ lengths. Classically installed by Boardwalk Floor Company in OK. This floor was made to order by Top Grade Floors, a one of a kind capstone to this home.

White Oak

This home from OK shows the classic look of Rift and Quartered Character Grade White Oak. Durable, stable, and aesthetically pleasing. R&Q White Oak is our #1 selling floor we have sold close to a million square feet all across the US and Canada!

Bonnabel, New Orleans

This home’s new flooring features a mix of 5” Rift & Qtd Character Grade White Oak and our Lost River Reclaimed Livesawn White Oak.

Lost River Reclaimed White Oak

Our unique LRR Reclaimed White oak in this lovely home in Freeport, Maine highlights all the characteristic knots, color variations, worm holes, etc. you’d expect in a reclaimed floor. Live sawn milling techniques give the full range of grain patterns, plain sawn, rift sawn, and quarter sawn; offered in white oak.

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